MENA Solar Brief
MENA Solar Brief

Renewable Energy Regulatory Officer

Position Requirements

  • Experience in crafting RE policies, regulations, reliability standards, and carbon foot-print mitigations.
  • Experience in scheduling functions, power contracts, and power purchases and acquisitions.
  • Extensive experience in competitive wholesale electricity market, planning, operation, and control technologies with utility-scale RE integration.
  • Track record of identifying opportunities for value chain development in RE and/or sustainable energy sector.
  • Experience in hybrid RE applications and technical and economic feasibility analysis.
  • Experience in Project management, from concept to completion is a must.
  • Experience in O&M of various RE technologies and grid assets.
  • Knowledge of international standards of RE, in particular, solar and wind.
  • Experience in nuclear energy policy and regulation is an asset.
  • Preferably Engineering background with good knowledge in economics and marketplace.