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Renewable Energy Specialist

Position Description

The Power Systems Planning Department seeks an experienced Renewable Energy Specialist to join their team based in Dhahran, Saudi Arabia. The department is responsible for all non-process and infrastructure facilities, including environmental and electrical utilities for all new or existing facilities.

Minimum Requirements

Successful candidates will have a

  • Demonstrated experience in evaluating existing and designing new renewable energy plants.
  • Demonstrated experience in testing and commissioning of renewable energy components.
  • Demonstrated experience in operating and maintaining technical support of renewable energy plants.

Duties & Responsibilities

  • Conduct renewable energy feasibility studies.
  • Work on renewable energy design and technical support during project execution.
  • Lead renewable energy feasibility studies including solar, wind and geothermal.
  • Evaluate renewable energy technologies and determine applicable technologies based on analytical capabilities of test date of various technologies.
  • Develop renewable energy tariff structure and be able to develop tariff structure based on various applicable factors.
  • Mentor junior level engineers.
  • Utilize knowledge of energy related legislative policy incentives for national policy developments.

If interested in learning more about this opportunity, please contact: info@saudi-sia.com